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Each sport, multiple management tools
League Management

Once setup the league template, the league just need teams, and fixtures can be generated automatically. Import teams from the previous season or rollover a competition and create the league in just 1 minute!

League Setup

Setup your league in minutes with match formats, fixture formats, ladders, advanced result entry and communication settings in just one template. Any interclub or internal competition can use the template.

Matches & Result Entry

Whether you are a league manager, club manager or a player. The intuitive scorecards are designed for every user and their assigned role. Each role has his own result entry permissions.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Complex league drawing or mid-season statistics needed? The custom report builder allows you to create and download the most comprehensive reports

Organisations & Members

Manage or create new memberships, add authorisations and assign permissions to use League Manager.


Auto queued mailings to send to permitted persons based upon notifications settings. Personal and league communications can be setup manually.

League Management
Manage leagues during the season.

League Level Editing
Mid Season changes can be done fast and easy with league level editing. Formats for all divisions will be overwritten with just one click.

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Division Level Editing
When the league settings need to remain but on division level formats need to change.

Result Reminders
Email notifications will be send to the concerning club and league managers when matches are awaiting results entry, confirmation or approval.

League Display Order
Manage the display order for the leagues which are visible at the public portal.

Regrade Teams
Move teams during the season to higher or lower level divisions and keep or create manual ladder points.

Auto Generate Finals
Auto-Fill finals rounds and matches with the qualified teams, according the chosen finals format

Bulk Editing Matches
Edit settings (e.g. date, time, status, facility) for multiple matches at once with the bulk editing functionality.

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Report Tooling
The custom report builder allows you to custom select report types and fields to download the most comprehensive reports for mid-season statistics.

League setup
Setup Leagues with flexible formats and intuitive tools.

League Template
Using a single template with settings to setup multiple leagues . The league template includes all necessary match and ladder formats, fixture date and times settings.

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Rollover League Settings
The rollover feature makes it possible to copy last season settings and teams. Especially for leagues which are plays in exactly the same format every season.

Manual Division Structure
Leagues can be played in many different ways. With the manual divisions structure you can setup formats on division level (e.g. match format, rounds and finals).

Fixture Rules
Apply rules for particular teams, which will be taken into account in the drawing process.

Team Fee
Set a team fee for league participation which can be paid online via the public portal by the team manager or captain.

Manual Draw Seeding
The manual draw seeding feature can be useful for pre- or mid-season seeding adjustments, most likely due to a revised number of teams pre-season, or  due to regraded teams mid-season.

League Builder
Once setup the league template, the league just need teams before you already can draw the fixtures automatically. Import teams from the previous season or rollover the entire competition including the teams to copy and create A league in just 1 minute!

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Online Team Nomination & Payment
Save your time as a league manager, let clubs and teams nominate for leagues they want to with the online team nominations feature.

Import Teams
No need to setup new teams with “import teams” feature which will copy all team preferences and players into the new season.

League Logo
Upload a custom logo to indicate the league organisers’ identity or for branding purposes.

Auto Fixture Drawing
Time consuming drawings belongs now to the past with the automatic fixture drawing process based on fixture rules, facility capacity and team keypairs.

Draw Group Leagues
No more over manned courts with draw groups. Draw all matches appropriately for multiple leagues, based on keypairs, preferred starttimes and capacity.

Matches & Result Entry
Role based result entry for clubs, players and league managers.

Also available on iOS and Android with the Match Centre app

Permission Based Result Entry
Save time for club administrators and let players be responsible by entering results themselves. Force the opponent to confirm the result, let parents or team managers enter results for kids competitions, or force final results approval for semi-professional leagues on national and state level.

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Prefill Players
Rubber designation is one of the important parts for the order of merit in tennis. With player prefill, the players will be automatically assigned to the correct rubber following the order of merit setup.

Progressive Match Totals
During result entry the match totals will be displayed progressive which makes it easy to check whether the current match results is correct or not.

Auto Fill Set Result Opponent
The set score from the opponent will be calculated automatically based upon the set type once the set score from the first team has been entered. This assists users but also prevents incorrect result entry.

Match Comments
Participants, club admins and league managers will be able to add match comments for fun, but also to inform about the dispute or particular match details.

Assign Facility & Court
Inform players where to play with the court match overview tool. Team managers can add preferred courts pre-season, so league managers will be able to automatically schedule matches at courts, where clubmanagers can assign and adjust courts manually.

Download & Print Scorecards (bulk supported)
For those organisations who still require to fill out paper scorecards. Even bulk print or downloads are supported. The scorecards will include the prefilled players if available, which makes it easy to see who needs to play against each other.

Bulk Edit Matches
Adjust details for multiple matches in just one click with the bulk edit option. Very useful when lots of matches are needed to be moved or cancelled due to a heatout or washout.

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Match and Rubber Exceptions
On match and rubber level there can be a retired team, forfeit, or a bad weather reason. The system automatically calculates the correct result and will send the cancelled information to the concerning persons.

Ladder Adjustments
Apply ladder adjustments, e.g. premiership points, on match level due to an incorrect result, order of merit or other reason.

Match Log
The match log has been introduced for league administration purposes. All match result activities (e.g. result entry, confirmation and approval)  and the concerning persons are displayed in a timeline.

Dispute Handling
All concerning persons will receive an email notification with dispute details. The league manager can conclude it appropriately with one or more actions: add fine, ladder adjustments, comment, replace match and inform participants via email.

Reporting & Data analysis
Compose multiple report types and select custom columns.

Custom Report Builder
Complex league drawing or mid-season statistics needed? The report builder allows you to compose fields to build comprehensive reports

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League Match Charts
Full overview of match statuses from all active leagues matches directly visible at the organisers’ dashboard. On division level a chart will display the current status from all the matches.

Top-Down Organisation Hierarchy
The system has been built with an top-down organisation hierarchy structure, which makes it possible to administer behalf of an child organisation. This is mainly restricted to federation level users to manage or assist child organisations.

Data Driven Dashboards
Whether it’s a dashboard from a club or league manager, only relevant match and team data will be displayed for the concerning administrator role.
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Player Statistics
Any person profile includes singles and doubles statistics (rubbers, sets and games) and match statistics from over the past four years.

Sortable Tables
All tables in the application have been built with filter and sorting options.

Media Text Files
Text files are available to download for (traditional) media purposes, which can be ladder rankings, last rounds results or upcoming matches for particular leagues, organisations or teams.

Organisations & Members
Manage members, authorise users and communicate.

The i-framing solution is an easy way to integrate league and match details into an external website. The i-frame is fully responsive and the look & feel is customisable. 

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Create and execute merge requests
Merge data from duplicated persons into one profile. Merges can be requested by players as well as clubmanagers.

Facility & Courts Overview
Clubmanager are able to manage and re-assign courts to avoid over manned courts with the court overview tool. In addition, the overview can be displayed on the clubwebsite which can be useful in the clubhouse.

Organisation Details
Manage organisation details which will be displayed at the public portal, and find contact information from office bearers.

Notice Board
If an urgent message is needed to communicate with players, an notice can be created and displayed on organisation, league and division level. Mostly used for cancelled round matches or system announcements.

Authorisation Levels
The system supports the following three levels of authorisations: organisation manager, league organiser and results manager. Authorisations can be granted for existing persons in the applications.

Person Profile Details
View and edit profile details with restricted access. Players’ performance will be displayed from the past 4 years and compares wins, losses and draws..

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Organisation Groups
Particular organisations and their members can be selected as an group, which can be used for different purposes as group communication and league nomination groups.

Exclude Communications
League and Club Manager users will receive relevant email notifications related to organising leagues and participating matches. Managers can exclude communication type they don’t like to receive.

New Member Communication
Once a person has been added as a new member via a team or match, an confirmation email will be send to the concerning person and clubmanager.

Communication & Notifications
Role based notifications for organisers, participants and followers.

Result Entered
Stay in touch with the team and receive directly the latest results on your mobile.

Cancelled Match
Notifications will be send automatically if match details have been changed or cancelled.

Dispute Handling
Conclude disputes appropriately with one or more actions: add fine, ladder adjustments, comment, replace match and inform participants via email.

New Season Published
Start season notification will be send once a new season has been published in which a person will participate.

Late Result Entry
Receive reminder notifications when results have not been entered yet before the selected deadline.

New Club Account Added
As soon as a person has been added to a new organisation via a team or match, the person receive an confirmation email.

Changed Match Details
If relevant match details have been changed, e.g. start time of date, participants will be informed with a notification.

Team captains and team managers will receive notifications when players are not available to play a match.

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