Custom report builder

For reporting & data analysis
Custom Reports, Intuitive Filters
Custom select report types and fields to download the most comprehensive reports.

Report Types and Categories 
Reports have been build for either clubmanagers and league organisers. Reports have been divided into types and categories, to easily find the concerning information.

Relevant Filters
Each report has been setup with desired filter options in the report. Prior to the download, reports can be filtered accordingly to include or exclude particular data.

Custom Select Columns
More columns can be manually added to an existing report, additionally the sequence from columns can be determined. This can only be applied for particular reports.

More Reports
Assist league setup & management with reports.

Facility Matches
Overview with scheduled matches per facility within a specific date range.

Facility Capacity Overview
Overview with booked and non-booked courts per facility, selectable per league and division within a specific date range..

Ladder Points per round
All ladder points specified by round for a specific league.

Forfeited Matches
All matches with a cancel reason in a specific league.

League Team Captains
All team captains within a specific league including their phone number and email adress.

Missing Results Matches
All matches in the past without results for a specific league.

Draw Information
Allocated teams and their assigned draw seed numbers during league setup.

Season Template Overview
Detailed overview of all season templates you have setup including all formats.

Disputed Matches
All disputed matches from teams from your organisation.

Match Notes Report
Report contains all matches with comments, cancel reasons and/or dispute reasons.

Media Report
Media purpose reports with results only, ladders only or both, with different display modes for specific leagues.

Organisation Hierarchy
Organisation tree with child organisations divided top-down.

Organisation Player Statistics
All active players from your organisation including their team name and player statistics.

Player Activity Report
Federation level only report including the activities from active players during a particular season.

League Player Statistics
All players statistics for a specific league.

Team Nomination Grading
All nominated teams and players including their nomination history and statistics.

Player Nomination Grading
All nominated players per team, in a specific league, including their playing order and ratings.

Order of Merit
Actual playing order following the team setup compared with the order a player really played. Players out of order are highlighted.

League Squad Overview
List with all players and teams playing in a specific league, including their ratings.

Organised Leagues and Divisions
List with all organised leagues and divisions on organisation level.

Rubbers with incomplete squads
All played rubbers with incomplete squads for a specific league.

League Setup Overview
Detailed overview of all leagues you have setup as an organiser. Federation level users can optionally extract all child organisation leagues.

League Matches Overview
All scheduled matches for a specific league.

League Rubber Overview
All individual rubber matches for a specific league.

Organisation Matches
All played and upcoming matches for teams from your organisation in active leagues.

Organisation Managers
All authorised users and their personal details from your organisation and child organisations.

Organisation Ratings Report
All players overview including their ratings.

Organisation Team Captains
All team captains within your organisation including their phone number and email address.

Organisation Member Statistics
All members from your organisation including their player statistics.

More features

Permission Based Result Entry
Entering match results was never so easy and fast with intuitive role based result entry tools.

Custom Report Builder
Custom select report types and fields to download the most comprehensive reports.

Season template settings
Match and ladder formats, fixture dates and time settings, which can be used for multiple leagues.

Online Payment & Nomination
Nominate your team online, invite team mates and pay directly the team fee.

League Builder
Reduce the tedious manual administrative workload with flexible league formats.

Bulk Editing Leagues and Matches
Update league and division level formats and edit multiple matches with the bulk editing functionality.

Person Management
View person profile details and match history statistics from the past years.

Auto generated league content on clubwebsites with i-frames, which includes matches and ladders.

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