Person management

View and edit profile details or merge person data

Player Profile

View Profile
Get an overview with player statistics and relevant information related to leagues. Performance will be displayed from the past 4 years and compares wins, losses and draws.

Edit Details
Only permitted (federation) users will be able to update profile details. Details will be updated and synchronised via the active webservices between the CRM database and League Manager.

Merge Person Data

Merge Duplicates
Duplicated persons may arise accidentally, but player statistics may not be lost. The person merge tool will merge all player statistics and person details will be overwritten.

Manual Merge Request
Find source and target persons which are needed to be merged and send a request for approval. This can be done by the concerning player or a clubmanager.

More features

Permission Based Result Entry
Entering match results was never so easy and fast with intuitive role based result entry tools.

Custom Report Builder
Custom select report types and fields to download the most comprehensive reports.

Season template settings
Match and ladder formats, fixture dates and time settings, which can be used for multiple leagues.

Online Payment & Nomination
Nominate your team online, invite team mates and pay directly the team fee.

League Builder
Reduce the tedious manual administrative workload with flexible league formats.

Bulk Editing Leagues and Matches
Update league and division level formats and edit multiple matches with the bulk editing functionality.

Person Management
View person profile details and match history statistics from the past years.

Auto generated league content on clubwebsites with i-frames, which includes matches and ladders.

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